By Andrea Lucia

FORT WORTH (CBS11) – Corie Hatter noticed something was off when she got home from work Tuesday.

“I just drove up and my house… It looked different,” she said. “I realized it was my shingles that were missing.”

There was no sign anyone had been there, but every single shingle from the roof was gone.

When her landlord told her he knew nothing about it, she posted online.

roof pic Oops: Wrong Roof Replaced In Fort Worth Neighborhood

wrong roof replaced in Fort Worth

“Hey, does anyone know if there’s people coming around taking shingles off roofs? ‘Cause that’s what happened to me!” she said.

A roofing company, it turns out, sent its workers to her home on Ryan Place Drive instead of a house four blocks away on Ryan Avenue.

The next day the men returned to finish the job.

“Came back yesterday and it was back on. They’re quick!” she said.

Hatter says she never even saw the workers herself, but their mix-up is now the talk of the neighborhood.

“Interesting. Amusing. And we have a new roof out of it,” she said.