GREENVILLE (1080 KRLD) – Seven months after a fatal accident involving the Hunt County District Attorney the case is headed to a grand jury.

Hunt County District Attorney Noble Walker is is accused of killing an elderly school crossing guard, in a school zone, in March of this year.

According to reports, Walker failed to yield to the crossing guard, 87-year-old Christine Sandlin. She was struck in front Bowie Elementary School. She later died from her injuries.

Because of conflicts of interest, Kaufman County District Judge B. Michael Chitty was brought in to rule over the case. He appointed Rockwall County District Attorney Kenda Culpepper as special prosecutor for the case.

On Monday,  Culpepper said she had finished her investigation and is sending the case to a grand jury.

“My team and I have interviewed numerous officers, medical personnel, civilian witnesses, and family members of the deceased who have information relevant to the case” said Culpepper. “We are now prepared to present our findings to a Hunt County Grand Jury which will be specially convened by Judge Chitty to hear the matter.  They will decide whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed.”

Former prosecutor Toby Shook says the grand jury will have a number of options from Negligent Homicide, to it just being a tragic accident.

No date for the grand jury has been scheduled.