HOUSTON (AP) — The state’s’ highest criminal court has rejected an appeal from an Irving man sent to death row for fatally stabbing his girlfriend and her teenage daughter in 2011.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals decision Wednesday upholds the findings of 44-year-old Tyrone Cade’s trial court which held a hearing to review what Cade’s lawyers said were 16 errors from his trial in 2012. Most of the arguments centered on whether Cade’s trial attorneys were constitutionally deficient.

Tyrone Cade told police officers in Irving that he killed two people, who were found stabbed in a home. (credit: Irving Police Department)

Cade was convicted of killing 37-year-old Mischell Fuller and her daughter, 18-year-old Desaree Hoskins, at their home in Irving. Fuller was stabbed 28 times, Hoskins 39 times. Cade’s trial lawyers argued he was insane at the time. He earlier served three years in prison for sexual assault.

Cade doesn’t have an execution date.

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