By Jeff Paul

 Dallas (CBS11) – Their home was broken into, trashed and burglarized.

But it is what some thieves took from the home that is breaking the hearts of a North Texas family.

Jennifer and Craig Kolstad said the thieves broke through their backyard and ended up kicking one of their back doors.

It was a moment they never thought their six-year-old daughter Elsa would have to experience.

missing dog2 Thieves Steal More Than Just Belongings

Elsa Kolstad and her dog Oskar (CBS11)

As if the mess was not enough, whoever broke in ended up literally taking several important parts of their family.

“It’s not kind to take other people’s stuff,” said Elsa Kolstad.

The Kolstads say the burglary is personal.

“We can get past that people have been in the space. You can get past the fact that you lose things, you can replace those,” said Craig Kolstad. “But they took our family members and we’d like those back.”

The family was out at dinner when they returned home to find their door busted and a mess throughout their house.

“My first question was, ‘Where’s the dog?’” said Jennifer Kolstad.

The Kolstads said the thieves not only took heirloom jewelry from Grandma, but also stole Grandpa’s ashes and took Oskar, their French Bulldog.

“I can’t believe anybody would steal a family pet. I can’t believe that,” said Jennifer Kolstad.

To Elsa, Oskar was her little brother. The two would chase each other, play tug of war and fall asleep together.

“Maybe he knows it’s not his real family,” said Elsa.

That is what the Kolstads are hoping for…that one way or another Oskar finds his was home.

missing dog Thieves Steal More Than Just Belongings

Stolen dog – Oskar (CBS11)

“Keep everything. You can have the stuff. But just bring our dog back,” said Jennifer Kolstad. “I just think it’s crazy to take something living.”

As for the ashes, Craig Kolstad thinks his family agrees with his opinion.

“My dad too would have said, ‘Forget my ashes, just get your darn dog back,’” said Craig Kolstad.

The family is searching on websites like Craigslist for any possible French Bulldogs for sale, but so far they have not found any matches.

Dallas Police said it is aware of the situation and investigating.

The family is also offering a reward for the return of Oskar.