By Steve Pickett

Dallas (CBS11) – The help wanted sign blazed brightly on downtown Dallas Wednesday. A winding, whirling weave of people lined up at the Sheraton Hotel, by Noon more than 2,000 people were registered.

Not a job fair… A job festival.

“These are jobs that need filling at this moment. We haven’t seen employers this hungry in a while. They will conduct interviews today, get a job today,” says Laurie Larrea from Workforce Solutions.

The job fest unveiled a tough reality… there is no shortage of people needing and wanting work.

job fair1 Thousands Turn Out For Youre Hired Job Fest In Dallas

Job Fair Dallas (CBS11)

“I’d like to find a part time job. Younger folks can have the full time. I want a part time job.” Wanda and Joe Oldham from Cedar Hill are retirees back on the job hunt. “We need the money. When I retired I didn’t know it would be so difficult.”

Companies such as FedEx, UPS, Amazon and DART partnered with Workforce Solutions and put a combined 4,000 local jobs on the table.

“I want a career, a career where I can make a difference,” Broderick Nettles says a paycheck is priority for now. But he has higher goals, but today’s mission …. get hired, get in the game.

Some companies say they will pay up to $19 an hour in some cases.

Many applicants told us, they simply need to find something now.