EVERMAN (CBS11) – The family of a 15-year-old girl who was shot and killed in Tarrant County is not buying the story her boyfriend told CBS11 exclusively on Sunday before he was arrested.

No one has been back to the home where Makayla Davis was killed. Family members say Makayla’s father is still in the hospital after he collapsed from the grief.

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Makayla Davis

Brandon Davis, Makayla’s uncle, watched Sebastian Ramirez-Barcenas’ exclusive interview on CBS11. He doesn’t believe what Ramirez-Barcenas said.

“It just went off. When I racked it back, it just went off,” said Ramirez-Barcenas.

Sebastian Ramirez-Barcenas (CBS 11)

“I don’t see how it’s an accident if you point a gun at someone. It’s not an accident!” said Brandon Davis.

The gun belonged to Makayla’s brother.

“My nephew watched the interview and said, ‘He’s lying! We weren’t cleaning guns!’ I’m with my brother. I’m going to forgive this guy if he didn’t mean to do it, but the stories are already not matching up,” said Brandon Davis.

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The uncle says Makayla had issues but was getting back on track, living with him and her grandmother. Her mother died of cancer seven years ago. Her father struggled to raise four kids on his own.

“She just grew up faster than she needed to. If you ask if the family approved of her boyfriend – my brother let it go. Let her be happy. He didn’t even know he was in the house that day,” said Brandon.

The shooting led to an all-out manhunt. Ramirez-Barcenas hid in the woods until he showed up on CBS11’s front steps with two friends.

“I killed my girlfriend. Killed the person I loved. I love her a lot. It was an accident,” said Ramirez-Barcenas in the interview.

He’s been charged with criminally negligent homicide.

As Makayla’s family hopes for emotional healing, Brandon Davis says her last message is helping erase his sadness.

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“I took a shower this morning. As the heat came on in the bathroom, the mirror fogged up, and it said, ‘Kayla loves you’ in the mirror,” said Brandon.