PLANO (CBS11) – They are everywhere this time of year and becoming more frightening than ever.

There’s a lot more to being a good haunted house than just wearing a scary mask. Dark Hour in Plano isn’t your traditional haunted house.

Actors actually go through what you could call a ghoul school to learn how to walk on stilts, fly with the help of help of bungee cords and of course scare customers with an authenticity of a Hollywood movie.

Philip Chalut is the casting director. “I teach them how to tap into their predatory instance because a lot of haunting is predator and prey.”

“I am a wolf man which lets me be a little closer to a human and just a normal werewolf”

Tommy Brucato is a 21-year-old Collin College computer networking student. Off campus he’s living out his dream to be a performer.  “Heard they were hiring was lucky enough to actually get in fell in love with it and keep falling love with it”

After 20 hours of ghoul school training, Brucato was ready for a role that actors hope will generate screams rather than applause.

Being scary takes a lot of work.