FORT WORTH (CBSDFW) – One hospital made sure its smallest patients didn’t miss out on all the Halloween fun.

For children facing life-threatening illnesses this Halloween, reality faded away.

Cook Children’s Medical Center was filled with joy and magic to celebrate the spooky holiday.

“It can be a somber place, but they keep it uplifting,” said parent Katie King. “Cook’s is as fun as it can be at a hospital.”

King’s 16-month-old daughter, Addie, collected candy with her brothers and sister.

“We are doing rehab now. She has cerebral palsy, so it’s affecting her voice and how she eats,” said King.

Kids and parents gobbled up treats, and there was plenty to go around.

Volunteers made pillowcases and stuffed goody bags with treats for all the kids too sick to take part

Two-year-old Cristian munched on snacks as he waited in line to visit his 4-month-old sister.

“She has Down syndrome and had open-heart surgery yesterday,” said parent Crystal Vasquez.

“This is a blessing because if you think about it, other places don’t have the support like here,” said King. “They think of the family. It’s really nice.”

Around 250 kids took part, which included brothers and sisters who were also there to visit.