DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – More than 30 people are now on record at Dallas City hall in this ongoing debate tied to Confederate Monuments in Dallas.

There is a plan for street name changes, and what to do with this memorial, but that plan didn’t stop Dallas citizens from offering their pointed views to the Mayor and Council.

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“The Confederate Generals rose up against the United States of America to preserve the institution of slavery. That is not honorable.”

“You have embarked on a cultural suicide mission, an undercurrent mission to destroy America. Start with the statues, and end with the flag, Constitution, and Bible.”

Some called it courteous contention. A forum of filibusters from Dallas citizens to their elected representatives regarding the future of a city’s past.

“There is no question we moved fast on the Robert E Lee statue,” says Mayor Rawlings.

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The removal of Dallas’ salute to a confederate general became the first of several proposals to emancipate the city from its history of hoisting honor on Robert E Lee and others.

The confederate memorial still erected in downtown Dallas should be housed in a collection for history and education according to recommendations given to the council today, but some task force members land owned and paid for by city tax dollars is no place for confederate idolatry.

“It matters to whom we erect monuments and after whom we name streets, parks and schools. And it should not be to or after traitors.”

Wednesday citizen voices today tried to persuade, but city council members must decide.

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“The legitimate role of a city government does not include social re-engineering, history re-writes, and racial equity policy mandates.”