UPDATED | November 1, 2017  3:05 PM

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Arlington Police say two officers are recovering after one was shot another grazed Tuesday, and the shooter who was shot and killed has been identified as Vincent Hall.

Vincent Hall – shot and killed by Arlington Police after police said he shot officer

Police spokesperson Lt. Christopher Cook said the department has a clearer picture of what went down Tuesday afternoon.

Cook said the Narcotics Unit received a tip there was marijuana being distributed out of duplex in the 4300 block of Kelly Hill.

Officers showed up with a no-knock search warrant shortly after 4:30 p.m.

Arlington SWAT standoff (Chopper11)

As SWAT teams approached front and back of the residence, police said a person saw them out the back window and alerted the other people inside the police were there.

As police breached the front door, the first officer, an 11 year veteran, was immediately shot by Hall and the officer returned fire.

Police said Hall had an AR-15 style rifle and was firing at officers down a hallway.

Five officers returned fire and pulled the officer who was shot to safety.

Hall was dead at the scene. Police said Hall had a previous violent incident with an Arlington officer in January 2016 where he wrestled with the officer, grabbing for the officer’s gun before escaping.

A second officer was believed to have been grazed by a bullet to his hand on Tuesday.

Police found cocaine, Xanax and hydrocodone pills along with marijuana at the duplex.

One of the people at the scene, Billy Nevels, was arrested for outstanding misdemeanor warrants.

Billy Nevels

Arlington Police released the search warrant affidavit: