GRAND PRAIRE (CBS11) – Police body cam video captured what might have been the last moments of one woman’s life!

“We were leaving another call, driving, came around corner, saw a vehicle that was on fire. I stopped approached to see if anyone was in there,” said Officer Daniel Basile.

They found the woman moments before her burning car exploded.

She is alive thanks to the three Grand Prairie police officers who put their lives on the line to save hers.

“My biggest concern when we got there. Was I could smell gas and I didn’t know where it was coming from,” said Officer Chris Godby.

Turns out she hit a gas main and that’s where the flames were coming from.

Officer Roy Gray acted quickly, “I grabbed the fire extinguisher, tried to get blaze down as best I could so Officer Basile could get the girl out through the window.”

All of this happening in less than 2 minutes’ time. While people watched and their cell phones recorded everything.

“As we were dragging her away there was a small explosion if we didn’t get her out she may have been trapped in burning car,” says Godby.

Officer Daniel Basile, Dective Chris Godby and Officer Roy Gray are humble about being called heroes.

“It’s my belief if it would have been another 10 seconds in that car the car did explode she wouldn’t be here maybe we wouldn’t be here either,” comments Godby.

Thanks to good timing and a few brave Grand Prairie police officers, they all walked away alive!