CARROLLTON (CBSDFW) – A fight between parents breaks out on the football field while their nine and 10-year-olds watch.

Police were called in to break up the fight, and it resulted in both teams having to sit out the season.

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The Carrollton Longhorns say it’s being unfairly blamed for starting the fight because one of their parents crossed the field to the other team’s side.

Nicole Johnson’s nine-year-old plays for the Carrollton Longhorns. During Monday night’s game against the Farmer’s Branch Tigers, Johnson says a fight between two players made a Longhorns father upset. He decided to walk over to the Tigers’ side.

“I’m not sure what happened when he went over to that side of the field, but for it to instantly, I mean instantly turn into fisticuffs, there’s something wrong there on both sides,” said Johnson. “It was just people everywhere throwing their hands up, screaming and yelling.”

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Cell phone video shows a shirtless man at the center of it. Other adults can be seen swinging. A mom whose son plays for the Farmer’s Branch Tigers says the Longhorns dad who crossed the field also crossed the line.

“We are all trying to stop him and say, ‘Hey, it’s a game. Stop, you know,” said Tigers’ mom Magali Reynoso. “He starts taking off his clothes, hitting girls, pushing kids and it turned into a big, big fight.”

The league the teams belong to have decided both teams will sit out the season. The Carrollton Youth Football League didn’t return our calls for comment. Johnson says her son cried when she told him the season was over.

“Everyone could have handled it better because our kids should still be playing football right now.”

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The Tigers have continued to practice, hoping the league might change its mind and let them finish out the season.