DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There’s heartbreak in North Texas Saturday after a suspected drunk driver struck a Plano family, killing the husband. The victim’s pregnant wife also lost her baby after the crash, according to her family.

Friends of the family said Joel Bamaca and his wife were on their way home after celebrating their pregnancy when their SUV got a flat tire along 635.

With no shoulder to pull over on, they decided to pull over in the median near the Coit Road exit.

Bamaca and his friend Roberto Lopez got out of the vehicle to fix the flat when they realized they didn’t have the key to unlock the lug nuts on the wheel.

According to the report, while the two were standing there figuring out what to do, a pickup truck plowed into them.

Lopez was thrown in one direction, injuring his hand.

While Bamaca was thrown in the opposite direction right into the middle of traffic. Investigators said the 31-year-old was killed on impact.

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Joel Bamaca

“Last night, [Bamaca] told me he was expecting a baby. He was so happy. I said ‘congratulations, man. You are my friend, congratulations.’ He was really happy. We didn’t know after an hour, he would…” said Lopez.

The driver of the pickup, 45-year-old Jeffrey Davis of Plano, was arrested at the scene and charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Bamaca’s wife, who was driving the SUV, was rushed to the hospital, complaining of stomach pains after the crash.

Her family told CBS 11 that she lost her baby. She was five months pregnant.