NEW YORK (CBS) – Looking to grab some early holiday gifts this season? Tiffany & Co. has just what you need: a $10,000 bird’s nest holding three porcelain eggs, a $9,000 ball of yarn or perhaps just a $1,500 empty coffee can.

Granted, each item is crafted from sterling silver, and this is Tiffany’s after all.

Tiffany holiday gifts (

The New York-based luxury retailer has several new art pieces this season as part of the “everyday objects” line featuring “ordinary objects made extraordinary,” according to the store’s website.

New among the somewhat absurd items added this season are a $950 faux “paper plate,” a $600 first aid bandage tin, a $500 alarm clock, two different $350 crazy straws, a $350 ice cream scoop, a $300 yo-yo and a $250 pencil sharpener. Most of these art pieces are made of sterling silver in imitation of the materials used in the inspiring objects.

Some items appear practical, such as a set of leather and reclaimed American walnut table tennis paddles with “sterling silver engravable plaques” that will set you back $650, and it includes three ordinary ping-pong balls. Table and net are not included.

Other game offerings include a $1,000 tic-tac-toe set with silver and amazonite marbles; a $1,500 domino set; and a set of 10 Lego-like building blocks made of walnut wood and silver going for $1,500.

If on a budget, holiday shoppers could consider a pair of “paper cups” made of bone china, listed online at just $95.