GREENVILLE (1080 KRLD) – A Texas man was arrested for throwing gasoline on a deputy in Hunt County.

The incident happened during a traffic stop Monday on Highway 380, near the small town of Floyd, which is between Farmersville and Greenville.

According to officials, Deputy Ritchie Valenzuela saw a man driving on the shoulder of the roadway, and while attempting to pull him over, he noticed the driver throw something out of the window.

“During the investigation at the scene the suspect is alleged to have thrown a full can of gasoline on Deputy Valenzuela while attempting to flee on foot. Deputy Valenzuela was able restrain the subject until backup arrived at which time the suspect was taken into custody without further incident. Based upon the evidence collected it is alleged that the suspect was attempting to destroy evidence relating to possession of narcotics,” said Sheriff Randy Meeks.

Christopher Scott Bridges, 46, is facing numerous felonies including assault on a public servant and drug possession.

“Our deputy’s never know what they are going to encounter on a traffic stop and this one could have ended very badly for all involved,” said Meeks. “I commend Deputy Valenzuela for maintaining his composure and professionalism when his life was being threatened and for completing a thorough investigation. I’m thankful that no one was injured and the suspect is off the streets before he could hurt anyone.”