DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s been around for nearly three decades, but this year, the Dallas Holiday Parade may not happen. It was formerly named the Adolphus Children’s Parade and, most recently, the Children’s Health Holiday Parade.

The director said the parade has only been cancelled twice before for bad weather and never because of money.

screen shot 2017 11 10 at 6 22 13 pm Dallas Holiday Parade In Danger Of Being Cancelled

Dallas Holiday Parade (CBS11 file)

Jeffrey Giles, executive director for the Dallas Holiday Parade, is scrambling to save a Dallas holiday tradition.

“You don’t want to be that grinch. But at the same time, it takes money to make something like this happen,” said Giles.

Giles is still trying to come up with $373,000 for the parade. “This is the last weekend. This is the final hurrah,” he said.

The floats have already been designed and built. They are waiting in limbo.

Fifteen-hundred people snapped up tickets for a seat. The parade is scheduled for December 2.

“It’s not just the disappointment of the people who come to watch the parade. It’s the disappointment of the 5,100 people estimated to march in the parade,” said Giles.

A spokesperson for Children’s Health emailed CBS 11 a statement that read in part, “After hosting the parade for nearly three decades, we have decided to move forward with other meaningful ways to bring cheer to families in our community this holiday season.”

Giles is hoping to find new sponsors with deep pockets and big hearts.

“I can’t imagine canceling Christmas,” said Giles. “If we can’t salvage such a beautiful tradition of hope, peace and joy… what do we have then?”

A couple of hundred dollars have been raised on GoFundMe, but, as of Friday, there are still no sponsors.

Giles said Monday is the deadline for filing insurance to cover the event. If the parade is cancelled, everyone who has bought a ticket will get a refund.