DALLAS (CBS11) – The deadline to save a beloved Christmas tradition in Dallas has been extended.

Dallas Holiday Parade organizers tell CBS11 they now have two more days to reach a more than $370,000 sponsorship deadline.

(credit: dallasholidayparade.com)

The parade has been struggling to stay afloat after Children’s Health decided to withdraw its sponsorship.

The Statler Hotel has made a $50,000 donation.  Downtown Dallas Inc. plans to contribute $10,000 and organizers say they’re having talks with two possible sponsors.

They say they’re optimistic this extension will buy them the extra time they need to raise the required funds.

“We are still a far cry from the needed $300,000 to make this event get down the street. However, we are now critically aware that the general public does indeed wish to see this parade come down the street and is putting their money where their mouth is.” said executive director Jeffrey Giles.