DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) – The Jones family aren’t taking a report calling for their ouster from the NFL very seriously.

In response to Pro Football Talk’s report that stated multiple NFL owners have discussed making Jerry Jones forfeit his team, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones brushed it off on Monday.

“I think that’s laughable,” Jones told The G-BAG Nation on 105.3 The Fan. “We don’t take it that serious in the least bit.”

Other than the lingering dispute over commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension, the main point of contention from the owners Mike Florio spoke to is the belief that Jones instigated Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter to speak out against the NFL a few weeks ago, blaming the league for a decline in ratings and thus Papa John’s revenue.

Jerry Jones owns about 120 Papa John’s stores in Texas.

Stephen Jones didn’t comment on that aspect of Florio’s report but did address their position on the commissioner’s new contract.

“Our thought process and Jerry’s thought process is we want what’s in the best interest of the league. We’re not against Roger (Goodell), we just don’t know if this is the time to be talking about major contract extensions when the league certainly has several challenges in terms of where we are as a league. … Whether that’s our ratings, whether that’s concerns with our sponsors. … I think we need to be focusing on our business and not necessarily on contract extensions. It’s not that we’re against Roger. I think Jerry’s been vocal about it. That’s certainly not easy to do. (You have) certain momentums going one way and you take a contrarian stance. … We just think it’s in the best interests of the NFL right now to move forward. It may make all the sense in the world to (get something done) in the coming months. Our commissioner has this season and one more season left on his contract. In our mind, it’s plenty of time to do something, but we think our focus should be elsewhere right now.”