DALLAS (CBSDFW/1080 KRLD) – Several 20-year-old lawsuits about police and fire department back pay have finally been settled.

On Tuesday the Dallas City council voted unanimously to settle four of six lawsuits that were filed in the 1990’s over the city’s interpretation of a voter referendum from all the way back in 1979.

The total settlement will cost the city $61 million.

That referendum gave pay raises for police officers and firefighters, but there was an argument over the impact of the referendum.

While all 14 council members present voted yes on the settlement, councilman Lee Kleinman says police and fire associations have really hit the jackpot.

“It’s great to clear it up and get these things taken care of,” said Kleinman. “But man, they bamboozled the legislature, and they worked over the previous administration.”

Other council members say settling these lawsuits is the right thing to do so the city of Dallas can move on.

Official say the settlement will be paid through bonds that the council plans to issue in 2018.