DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas UBER driver who became the target of a profanity laced tirade from a now fired assistant district attorney is defending his actions.

Jody Warner says the recording that captured her profane exchange while drunk in the back of the car didn’t capture what happened before.

In a news conference Tuesday morning she said she felt uncomfortable because, Shaun Platt was taking a different route to her house, and red flags started to go up.

Others who spoke on Warner’s behalf during the same news conference also insinuated Platt was trying to make a pass at her.

Platt vehemently denied those claims.

He said, “I guess this is her defense of last resort is to try and fabricate something to kind of save face.”

Platt said he has been driving UBER for several months now and many of the rides he gives are to intoxicated people, but he says he has never been treated the way Warner treated him.

Platt added, “She was incredibly intoxicated. She was yelling obscenities at me.”

He said he terminated the ride and called police when she became verbally aggressive towards him.

In the recording Warner can be heard boasting about her job as an assistant district attorney, and advocating for police violence saying in part, “you’re so stupid I want the cops to come so that they can [expletive] you up.”

During Tuesday mornings news conference Warner said, “There is no excuse for anyone to talk the way that I did, but there is some more context to it.”

Platt said he never wanted her to get fired from her job just reprimanded.

He added, “I want an honest apology from her, because I know deep down she knows what she did to me and she knows it’s not right.”