By J.D. Miles

WYLIE, Texas (CBS11) – A Wylie pediatric dentist is speaking only to CBS11 after being acquitted of child indecency charges.

Dr. Allen Pearson walked out of the Collin County Courthouse on Friday a free man after he was found not guilty.

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But he says it came at price that included his reputation, his business and life savings.

“It was hard it was hard it’s really hard a lot of terrified scared nights, a lot of nightmares very little sleep very little eating,” says Pearson.

He was accused of molesting his 11-year-old daughter who lives with his ex-wife.

The pediatric dentist denied being a pedophile but he says it didn’t matter to authorities or his patients.

“Over 70 percent of our practice was gone,” he says, “My heart dropped, my stomach began to sink.”

But last week a unanimous jury found Pearson not guilty.

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“They were in 100 percent alignment that this was a poor investigation and that the case wasn’t proven,” says Mito Gonzalez, Pearson’s Attorney.

“There are some parents so bent on revenge they will put their child up for a false allegation,” says Catherine Smit-Torrez, a private investigator who worked for Pearson.

Smit-Torrez says false accusations of indecency are more common than people think.

“The allegation of sexual assault against a child, many, many times there is no physical evidence. It is the only crime where you are guilty until proven innocent.”

The private investigator says people like Pearson pay a price even if they are acquitted.

“It absolutely destroys their reputation that usually can never be recovered,” Smit-Torrez says. “My heart was just broken for Dr. Pearson because after hearing and uncovering everything I was able to look at, I knew he was not guilty.”

Pearson says he will know work on rebuilding his practice and his life.

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“It’s a stigma that you carry on your shoulders even though you’re not guilty,” he says.