FINAL – LA Chargers 28 Dallas Cowboys 6

DAK INT AGAIN – Chargers take over w/ 6:42 in 4th.

Cowboys starting from own 25.

Allen 42 yard pass/run for @Chargers touchdown. He broke 3 tackles on the way to the end zone. PAT no good. LA 22 DAL 6 w/ 9:58 in 4th.

@Chargers starting from own 25 w/ 12:48 in 4th.

Dallas Cowboys touchdown!! Rod Smith 2 yard carry. Cowboys 2 point conversion is no good. LA 16 DAL 6 w/ 12:48 in 4th. Cowboys drive = 81 yards in 9 plays.

2 penalties called, #DallasCowboys move down to LA 30 w/ 14:29 in 4th


*The Cowboys have now been outscored 70-9 in the last 9 quarters.

@Switz returns to the 19 for #Cowboys w/ 1:42 in 3rd. 

Rivers to Williams for @Chargers touchdown. PAT good. LA 16 DAL 0 w/ 1:46 in 3rd. Rivers is 23 of 28 for 356 yards and 2 touchdown passes. Philip Rivers has a 142.6 QB rating.

Rivers to T. Williams on 3rd and 11 for 31 pass/run gain. @Chargers 1st down w/ 3:15 in 3rd

Cowboys forced to punt. @Chargers start from own 7 w/ 5:45 in 3rd

@dak TOUCHDOWN. BUT…holding call against Tyron brings in back. Tyron Smith has been called for holding five times this season. That’s the most in his career.

Dak to Cole Beasley for a Dallas Cowboys 1st down at midfield.

Rivers to Hunter Henry for the @Chargers touchdown. PAT no good. LA 9 DAL 0 w/ 8:59 in 3rd

Rivers big pass play for 38 yard gain, down to the Dallas 20 w/ 12:15 in 3rd

@Chargers starting second half of play from own 23.

HALFTIME: LA Chargers 3 Dallas Cowboys 0

Cowboys punt. @Chargers start from own 11 w/ 0:16 in 2nd

Dallas Cowboys RG Zack Martin (concussion) is sitting out; Joe Looney is in.

@Switz returns kick 32 yards. Dallas starting from own 33 w/ 1:49 in 2nd

@Chargers Novak hits 22yd FG. LA 3 DAL 0 w/ 2:00 in 2nd. Drive = 52 yards in 14 plays.

Rivers to HH gives @Chargers 1st and goal w/ 3:28 in 2nd

On 4th and 2, Rivers pass incomplete. But PI penalty on #DallasCowboys gives LA the 1st down

dak to @Brice_Butler, but short of a 1st down. #Cowboys punt. @Chargers start from own 30 w/ 8:55 in 2nd. No score!!

Dallas starting the series from own 4 w/ 13:28 in 2nd.

Rivers flubs the snap, he recovers. Scandrick chases him down. Moves ball back to the 22.


After 21 yard pass, B. Jones called for personal foul, adds 15 more yards. #LA at Dallas 9 w/ 0:20

Cowboys unable to move past midfield. Punt. @Chargers start from own 7 w/ 3:46 in 1st.

On a reverse from @dak to Terrance Williams, it’s a #DallasCowboys first down!

Cowboys start this series from own 25 w/ 8:58 in 1st. No points on the board!

On 3rd and 3, Rivers pass incomplete. @Chargers attempt 35 yard FG. Kick is no good!

On 3rd and 10, Rivers to Benjamin for a @charges 1st down after gain of 45 yards from pass/catch/run.

Witten’s first catch is short of 1st down. Cowboys go 3 and out. Punt. @Chargers take over at 13 w/ 12:58 in 1st.

Switz returns the kick to the 21. Dallas starts with the ball.

Coin Toss: Chargers call tails, it is heads. Dallas  wins the toss. Dallas will receive.


Cowboys inactives: Nugent, McFadden, Benwikere, Sean Lee, March-Lillard, D Ross, BJarwin

Per The Fan’s Dallas Cowboys sources…’Mom Bailey’ says Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey will be playing today!

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