FARMERSVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, and you were able to score some amazing online shopping deals. But, with those gifts starting to arrive at your doorstep this week, package thefts are also set to increase during this time of the year.

Authorities in Farmersville, however, have a new way to stop these criminals before they even reach your sidewalk.

Instead of having your packages delivered to your home, the Farmersville Police Department is urging you to send them to the police station instead. That way, law enforcement officials can keep your online holiday orders safe from thieves until you can pick them up in person.

Here is how it works, for people who live in Farmersville.

Before you make an online purchase, stop by the police department and register your name, address and how many packages that you are expecting to receive. Then, when ordering from an online retailer, simply give the police station’s address in your shipping information. Police will accept your packages when they arrive and store them in an interview room.

Chief Michael Sullivan explained that the newly announced plan has not yet gotten any participants, but has generated a lot of interest within the community. He hopes that people will take advantage of the service so that nobody has to deal with a theft during the holiday season.

“Here in our city, we didn’t have a huge problem with it,” Sullivan added, “and I didn’t really want one.”

At this point, the package plan will only be a seasonal service, Sullivan continued. “Especially in a town this size,” he said, “if I can go to the police department and pick up my package versus having to worry, if I’m gone during the day, that my package will be secure, I would take advantage of that.”

Residents tend to agree.

“I think it’s a concern, with all of the people that are stealing packages from homes. It’s a big concern,” explained Farmersville resident Helen Sears. “People are losing money.”

“So many times, people aren’t at home and they get their important packages in the mail,” added Farmersville resident Travis Jones. “I think, if your packages go to the police station and they can stay there, it will be a lot safer.”