FORT WORTH (CBS11) – A father says his daughter is being victimized again, forced to go to school with the boy who allegedly attacked her.

The alleged attack happened at Trinity Springs Middle School in Fort Worth during gym class in September.

An 8th grader says she went to the bathroom when a classmate followed her and groped her.

Michael Polo, the girl’s father, says Trinity Springs Middle School responded well at first, removing the boy from the classes he shared with his daughter. Polo says the boy was sent to an alternative school.

“He admitted that he touched her inappropriately,” said Polo. “That alone should be enough.”

Michael Polo – Keller ISD parent (CBS11)

Right before Thanksgiving, Polo says he learned the boy would be returning to campus. The school says the boy will not have any classes with his daughter and won’t share a lunch period.

Polo says that’s not good enough, particularly because the Fort Worth Police Department is still investigating the matter.

The Keller Independent School District says it has made multiple attempts to reach Polo, and wondered why he reached out to the media before talking to them.

“Her safety will be compromised every single day he’s there,” said Polo. “She is fearful for what’s going to happen. Is his kid going to take revenge on her? Is he going to do something, get another friend to do something?”

The school district says it has to follow state law regarding these matters and are going beyond that and considering transferring the boy from the school altogether.