By Ken Molestina

McKINNEY (CBS11) – After an online video from a young man asking for help to find the nurse who saved his life 17 years ago went viral this week, the staff at Medical City McKinney responded.

screen shot 2017 12 07 at 10 12 02 pm Video Chat Reunion 17 Years In The Making!

Caleb Johnson video chat reunion

Eighteen-year-old Caleb Johnson now lives in Utah with his siblings and relatives, but back in 2000 he was in a car crash that killed his parents and left him near death.

In his video he holds up cards asking to find the nurse who helped administered life-saving medication into his leg. It was his Christmas wish to say thank you to her.

As it turns out that nurse, Dennie Miller passed away from cancer in 2003.

However, the rest of the team that helped save Caleb that day got together on Thursday night for a video chat reunion with Caleb and his family.

Wendi Gracy who was an ER Unit Secretary at the time spoke directly to the family saying, “I don’t think you understand the impact that you made on our lives that day. There’s not a Thanksgiving that goes by that we don’t think of you and your family.”

She added, “I hope it’s a little closure for all of us. To see him doing so well is amazing.”

Caleb and his family say they hope to reunite with the team in person sometime soon.

Caleb will be graduating high school this year.