A hacked sign in Dallas caused quite a stir for some drivers. (CBS11)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some Dallas drivers were in for quite a shock when they saw what was on a road construction sign – language not suitable for children.

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The sign is now turned off, but it caused a stir at the intersection of Lemmon Avenue and Central Expressway.

The digital road sign was hit by a hacker, which showed a vulgar message mentioning President Donald Trump.

CBS 11 caught glimpse of the sign at around midnight, where people stopped to take pictures of it.

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The Texas Department of Transportation says the sign is not one of theirs.

TxDoT explained the sign could be used for a different city or private project in the area.

The messages written on these signs are for motorist information, and there’s a safety risk in changing.

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“The Dallas streets are dangerous enough as it is. And then for someone to mess with that kind of system, it could distract drivers, I would think. Whether they think it’s funny or not… but at the end of the day, it’s just dangerous,” said resident Magdalene Pracht.