By Jack Fink

FRISCO (CBS11) – Veronica Birkenstock, a Republican challenging incumbent North Texas Congressman Michael Burgess, was a vocal supporter of Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Alabama Senator who lost to Democrat Doug Jones in a special election Tuesday.

Birkenstock, of Frisco, said Wednesday, “I am sad that Mr. Moore lost.”

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Veronica Birkenstock (CBS11)

She said she was a strong backer of Moore because he believed in small government, the Second Amendment, is anti-abortion and would have pushed for President Donald Trump’s agenda.

The night before the Alabama Senate election, Birkenstock addressed hundreds of people at Moore’s final rally.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, Birkenstock told the crowd, “Thank you for supporting Judge Moore, I have supported him for many months and I have followed this race very closely. We need more strong conservatives to go to D.C. to fight with our President to truly make America great again.”

Moore lost as accusations swirled around him that he molested a 14-year-old girl years ago, and made sexual advances on other teen girls.

Moore’s views against homosexuality attracted controversy after he said the conduct should be illegal, but Birkenstock said she doesn’t agree with that position.  “I don’t believe homosexuality is illegal.  I think it’s a personal choice.  It’s for that person and their God to decide whether or not that is a moral compass for them.” 

Birkenstock said her top priorities are border security, a full repeal of Obamacare, tax reform and children.

She questioned Burgess’ leadership after being elected to eight terms.

He was first elected to his seat in 2002.

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Birkenstock said, “The voice we’ve had for 16 years is a voice that has no passion whatsoever.  He has become silent in many regards.  Leading the charge is something we should be able to hear and see.”

Burgess’ campaign didn’t respond to our requests for an interview or comment.

Rep. Michael Burgess (credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson said Birkenstock bet a Moore victory would boost her campaign.  “She went because Roy Moore is a lightning rod.  There was a lot of attention.  The President was involved, Bannon was involved and she thought she could share in his victory and bring some of that momentum here.  That’s no longer possible.”

I asked Birkenstock if she worries her campaign will lose momentum after Moore’s loss.

She said, “I don’t.  I hope people understand that I will stand up for my beliefs.  I don’t hide behind issues.  I’m a very outspoken person.  I’m not afraid to take a stand.”

Birkenstock said she would like to be endorsed by President Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

Many Texas Democrats believe Moore’s loss will boost their prospects here in the Lone Star State, but Republicans disagree.

Jillson said, “Republicans are going to thrive in statewide elections.  Democrats do have some momentum and that’s going to show itself in local State House races.  Here in the Dallas area, I expect Democrats to pick-up several.  It may show itself in a Texas Senate race. 

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They’ll be some close U.S. House races, but statewide races, absent a Republican incumbent stumble, are going to be safe Republican.”