FRISCO (105.3 THE FAN) – Carson Wentz tore his left ACL on a play that the Philadelphia Eagles wish they could undo, as the season-ending injury might very well change the entire chase for the Super Bowl.

The Dallas Cowboys are paying attention.

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“It just reminds you how vulnerable that (quarterback) position is to getting hit,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tells “Shan & RJ” on 105.3 The Fan. “The position of the quarterback on most runs are vulnerable to injury. So I would say to us or anybody else, look out really building in any type of running game around the quarterback.”

Well, Jerry needs to say it to “us” — that is, his own Cowboys, who use QB Dak Prescott as a running threat with frequency, and just two weeks ago against the Redskins ran an option play that resulted in Prescott sustaining a hand injury that required an in-game X-ray.

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Prescott continued in that game, despite some swelling; his hand is fine. But Philly has put on display the risk involved in exposing a QB to extra contact and now, without Wentz and with Nick Foles now taking over, Philly may not be the NFC power is was before the Sunday injury against the Rams.

Jones gets it.

“Now, who am I speaking to?” he asked himself. “I’m speaking to our mirror. So while we want to take advantage of it, it is a part of his game, Dak can be very smart about it. … When that quarterback tucks it up, (defensive players) are taught to unload on him. That’s the opportunity to impact the game. That’s the game we play. Let’s just remember that when we’re running our (QB).”

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The fact that Jerry said it on the radio suggests its also been discussed here inside The Star. No, this isn’t the owner “calling plays” for coach Jason Garrett. It’s an investor making sure his assets are protected.