GARLAND (CBS11) – Baylor’s Garland Medical Center will cease operations on February 28, 2018.

The 113-bed facility has been in operation since 1965.

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Baylor Scott & White Hospital (CBS11)

Officials for the Scott & White Hospital System point to a sharp decline in the number of people needing a hospital stay for medical care as the primary reason for the announced shut down.

“The growth in Garland proper is half of what North Texas has been, so for whatever reason, the community  has begun to seek care elsewhere,”  Baylor COO John McWorter explained.

The Garland facility averaged 12,000 patients yearly seven years ago.  That number has decreased to  7,000.

 Garland residents visiting the hospital or patients Friday expressed surprise and dismay with news of the planned closing.

“What are people going to do? Where are they supposed to go”, Gina Stark asked, while picking up her mother from the hospital.

The Garland facility will still offer doctor visits, but hospital operations will end.

The hospital employs 700 people.