mom e1513566923932 CBS 11s Doug Dunbar Surprises Mother For Christmas

CBS 11’s Doug Dunbar surprised his mother during a Facebook Live. (Doug Dunbar/Facebook)

(CBSDFW.COM) – CBS 11 anchor Doug Dunbar paid a visit to his mother in Michigan this weekend. She wasn’t expecting him – or her grandson!

“Operation: Christmas Surprise” is how Doug described his mission to give his mother the greatest Christmas present while viewers watched through his Facebook Live. “Haven’t seen her for awhile, but about to surprise the heck out of her,” he said.

Doug knocked on the door of the house he grew up in while he and his viewers waited anxiously to see her reaction when she answered.

As she opened the door and realized her son was standing right outside, she immediately turned away in shock, crying tears of joy.

“Merry Christmas! I thought you could use an early Christmas surprise… Oh, we got tears,” said Doug as he called to his mother.

When he walked into the home, he introduced his mother to his Facebook Live viewers. “This is my wonderful momma. Say hi to everybody,” he said to his mother.

“Hello,” his mother said to everyone watching as she was crying and hugging her son.

Doug then gave his viewers a tour of the home, including his old room. “This is the little, old room where Dougie used to live,” he said.

His mother even treated the viewers to a show! She showed them the squirrel that she feeds by hand every day just outside the house.

screen shot 2017 12 17 at 9 11 18 pm CBS 11s Doug Dunbar Surprises Mother For Christmas

Doug feeding a squirrel that his mother feeds everyday. (Doug Dunbar/Facebook)

As if seeing her son wasn’t enough, Doug had another surprise in store – her grandson.

Doug’s son, Braden, accompanied him to Michigan to surprise his grandmother.

As Facebook Live viewers saw, she was ecstatic to see her grandson and welcomed him with a big hug. “I didn’t even have time to ask where’s Braden because he (Doug) kept me so busy,” she said.

She definitely had her hands full with the wonderful surprise gifts of seeing her son and grandson.

screen shot 2017 12 17 at 9 12 52 pm CBS 11s Doug Dunbar Surprises Mother For Christmas

Doug’s son, Braden, surprised his grandmother too. (Doug Dunbar/Facebook)

With over 37,000 views on Facebook, thousands were able to share in the joy of a mother’s Christmas surprise.