WHITE SETTLEMENT, Texas (CBS11) – He is accused of using a racial slur.

On Monday night, the City of White Settlement held a special meeting to decide the fate of their city manager Jeff James.

Jeff James – White Settlement City Manager (City of White Settlement)

After spending about an hour in a closed-door executive session inside council chambers, city council along with the city’s mayor decided not to do anything regarding allegations that James used the n-word.

“I have nothing to say about that. I’m happy to be the city manager for the city of White Settlement,” said James. “That’s where it stays.”

James spoke shortly after the special meeting wrapped up.

“It’s been a pretty intense last 24 hours,” said James.

The city’s former fire chief, Russell Shelley, claims he met with James in his office where Shelley claims James complained citizens do not appreciate what the city does for them.

Shelley said it was during this exchange where James used the phrase, “white trash n-word,” several times in reference to those who live in White Settlement.

His fate as city manager was then brought into question after Shelley sent a letter to the mayor.

“Yes, it’s serious to me. Somebody making any accusations is serious to me,” said Mayor Ronald A. White.

White said there will be no investigation nor action taken against James.

Shelley said the decision was disappointing. He had hoped for the sake of transparency that council would have taken a deeper look and included residents in on the process.

White Settlement’s mayor said to his knowledge, he does not expect this topic to be brought up again. He said it has been settled.