FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) –On Monday, Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald terminated 22-year veteran, Sergeant Kenneth Pierce following the review of a case “eerily reminiscent” of a viral arrest last year that gained national attention.

According to a news release from the Fort Worth Police Department Monday night, this incident was uncovered by police supervisors conducting a mandatory “use of force” review.

FWPD use of force incident (Fort Worth Police Dept.)

Police said in August, a woman called for assistance regarding a domestic disturbance. She was producing identification, as requested, but nevertheless, Fitzgerald said Pierce became “impatient, initiated an unnecessary physical confrontation, and then ordered a rookie police officer to ‘Tase’ the woman.”

The entire confrontation was captured by body camera video and Fitzgerald made the video public.

“I’m confident that everyone who sees this video, including members of this department, will agree this supervisor’s response and subsequent behaviors are absolutely unacceptable,” said Chief Fitzgerald. “We are built on a foundation of being problem-solvers. Pierce responded in an opposite manner, and he escalated the situation endangering everyone involved including his fellow officers.”

FWPD use of force incident (Fort Worth Police Dept.)

Chief Fitzgerald said the department reached out to the woman on multiple occasions, but she has not responded.

For the sake of her privacy and the fact this was a domestic violence case, the department redacted her name and address and obscured her face in the video.

“Thankfully, in this situation, our internal systems worked, both in the use of force review and the criminal investigative process. Charges against the woman were dropped after a review of the evidence, including the video.” said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald said the officer’s response does not reflect the vast majority of the department’s encounters with the public.

“Even in tough and challenging times, our officers demonstrate leadership, patience and de-escalation tactics in their daily work,” said Fitzgerald. “In my mind, all people should be treated with dignity and respect. That’s non-negotiable.”

One year ago this month, Jacqueline Craig was thrust into the spotlight when she was arrested. The confrontation with Fort Worth police officer William Martin was captured on video.