(CBS11) – I would like to take this opportunity to wish our CBSDFW.com readers a very Happy Holiday season. The season is always a great time to pause for time to count our blessings, give thanks where needed, and spend time with family and loved ones.

The one song that comes to mind about counting blessings is the song written and composed by Irving Berlin, “Count Your Blessings (Instead Of Sheep).”

Today it is thought of as a Christmas song but nothing in the lyrics refer to the Christmas season. It is a song about reminding people to remember how they have been blessed rather than dwell on short-term problems or issues.

Berlin came up with the idea for this song from a personal experience he had dealing with insomnia caused by stress. His doctor recommended that he “count his blessings” as a way to minimize the insomnia.

In 1954, Paramount Pictures filmed and distributed White Christmas starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen, and directed by Michael Curtiz. The song is performed in the movie by Crosby and Clooney’s characters (Bob Wallace and Betty Haynes) as a way of furthering their personal relationship, which had been a bit strained!

The song goes like this:

“When I’m worried and I can’t sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep
And I fall asleep counting my blessings
When my bankroll is getting small
I think of when I had none at all
And I fall asleep counting my blessings

I think about a nursery and I picture curly heads
And one by one I count them as they slumber in their beds
If you’re worried and you can’t sleep
Just count your blessings instead of sheep
And you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings”

Other performers for this song included Eddie Fisher, Andy Williams, Tammy Wynette, Jimmy Durante, Amy Grant, Diana Krall, Barry Manilow and Johnny Mathis. The Eddy Fisher version hit #5 on the Billboard charts.

Happy Holidays to all of you and be sure to count your blessings!