DALLAS (CBS11) – Rain and near freezing temperatures created quite the mess for folks in Dallas who still had several items to cross of their list ahead of the Christmas holiday.

Police were on scene at several wrecks and traffic backed up all over the Metroplex.

“Last minute shopping. Got to sneak it in,” said Robert Smith, a Dallas resident.

Smith thought it would be a great idea to sneak into NorthPark Center for one last item.

“We had a particular gift we wanted for my wife. So I got the short straw and had to come get it,” said Smith.

He was not alone.

screen shot 2017 12 22 at 10 08 35 pm Hectic Holiday Rush In Early Stages

NorthPark Center parking lot (CBS11)

Smith was up again folks like Hayley LeMonds and other shoppers who had their cars stuffed with presents.

“I did awful,” said LeMonds. “I waited until the last minute like everybody else.”

Detective Casey Clark said Friday night is just the beginning of the headaches with the holiday falling on a Monday.

“You’re going to see traffic as heavy as you might see during the week all throughout the weekend,” said Det. Clark.

Police feel that it goes beyond just driving cautiously and courteously.

Det. Clark urged folks to think about what they are doing in their cars like texting. He also said people need to think about what they’re doing before they get behind the wheel, namely drinking.

“Realize there are people out there traveling with children in the car, they’re traveling with their families in the car,” said Det. Clark. “You know think more about than just yourself.”

Shoppers like LeMonds said it is also important to remember to smile.

“It’s the holidays,” said LeMonds. “We should all be in a good mood, be nice to each other.”

TxDOT said while it is not expecting weather to impact road conditions significantly, crews and trucks are on standby in case anything changes.