ARLINGTON (105.3 The Fan) – One of the foundational philosophies of Jason Garrett’s life, for 25 years in pro football, has served him well.

“I only concern myself,” Garrett has said so often, first as a Dallas Cowboys player and now as the organization’s head coach, “with things within my control.”

On Sunday, rather amazingly, a handful of other NFL results opened a path for Dallas to leapfrog into the playoffs — only to see Garrett’s Cowboys flop in a 21-12 home loss to Seattle.

Things were within Dallas’ control. And the Cowboys blew it.

So now, should Garrett be concerned for his job?

“No,” said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones when I posed the question immediately after the loss, which dropped Dallas to 8-7 and out of the playoffs, adding, “There’s no qualms or no issues … relative to anything to do with the coaching … specifically at the top. We’ve just got to get it done better.”

The Cowboys have been to the playoffs twice in Garrett’s seven full years as head coach, but lost in the divisional round each time. Maybe that means Garrett (with a career record of 66-53 since replacing Wade Phillips in the middle of the 2010 season) has failed to fill expectations — certainly those of some in Cowboys Nation.

“I do understand frustration right after you lose a game that has such meaningfulness as this ball game,” Jones said of how some fans feel about Garrett, who is signed for the next two seasons at about $6 million per year. “But … I feel good about our head coach.”