FORT WORTH (CBS11) – Christmas Day never came for some families in DFW who are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

There isn’t a sign of Christmas inside Burnika Fisher’s sparse apartment.

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There’s no Christmas tree, no tinsel and especially no gifts. Fisher and her four children moved into their Fort Worth apartment in October, after living in the Fort Worth Red Cross shelter for two months.

Burnika Fisher – Hurricane Harvey evacuee in North Texas on Christmas (CBS11)

“I’m like, ‘How can I deal with Christmas and I’ve got all this going on,’” said Fisher. “I’ve got to get an apartment, Christmas coming and just start all over.”

The single mom and her four kids were evacuated from Port Arthur to DFW with only the clothes they were wearing and a backpack.

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“Water (was) coming in everywhere, almost up to our chest,” said Fisher. “Boats had to come and get us and rescue us.”

Fisher is jobless in Fort Worth and just barely making ends meet. She says her application for help with FEMA is stalled. She claims she hasn’t seen a dime of help. What little money she does have is going to buying clothes and basic necessities. Even a Christmas tree was out of their budget, much to her children’s disappointment.

“They are sad right now because this Christmas didn’t really go the way they wanted,” she said. “It makes me cry when I know I can’t do nothing about it.”

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Fisher says she’s looking for a job, hoping her application with FEMA comes though and hoping next Christmas will be better.