GRAPEVINE, Texas (CBS11) – It was a rough New Year’s night in Grapevine for one young couple from Nacogdoches.

But their story had a very happy ending.

Taylor Todd and his girlfriend Alexis Malquist spent the holidays in Grapevine with family.

Just after 10:00 p.m. Monday, Todd got a shock when he noticed the front door open and his rescue dog, Zoey was gone.

“My heart was torn up. It was just so devastating. It was like losing a family member. I thought she was just gone for good,” said Malquist.

They spent a sleepless night making posters, flyers and cruising the neighborhood.

Over at Grapevine Animal Services, “A citizen called in saying that they had found a dog that was loose,” said Kristina Valentine.

A Grapevine police officer got the call and found Zoey less than a mile away near Faith Christian High School.

Zoey spent the night at the shelter and reunited with her family Tuesday morning.

adog Rescue Dog Reunited With Couple Thanks To Alert Citizen, Officer

Zoey the dog

“I was in tears. I was so excited to see her,” said Malquist.

The family was made whole again thanks to the kindness of an officer who helped warm their hearts.

“It felt like finding a piece of you that had gone missing,” said Todd. “It restores my faith in humanity… that there are still people looking out for others, and it’s good to have those people in the world.

Zoey was not microchipped when she was brought to the shelter.

She was microchipped Tuesday morning before she went home with her family.

adogback Rescue Dog Reunited With Couple Thanks To Alert Citizen, Officer

Alexis Malquist, Zoey the dog and Taylor Todd (Yona Gavino – CBS11)