FREEPORT, Texas (1080 KRLD/AP) — The Coast Guard is searching off the Southeast Texas coast after a small plane, that left from Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma City, was reported missing on a flight to Central Texas.

Authorities say the Cirrus SR-22 aircraft, capable of carrying five people, was detected on radar Wednesday flying south over the Gulf of Mexico. Air traffic controllers have been unable to get a radio response from the plane’s pilot.

According to reports, NORAD sent out fighter jets which met up with the plane but still couldn’t get anyone to respond… then had to turn around once out of U.S. airspace.

The plane last showed up radar about 220 miles NW of Cancun, Mexico. Officials say it’s possible the pilot had some sort of medical problem.

The plane is registered to Edmond, Oklahoma-based Abide Aviation.

According to multiple reports in Oklahoma, the pilot was headed to Georgetown, Texas, about 25 miles north of Austin, as part of an animal-rescue charity.

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