By Yona Gavino

PLANO, Texas (CBS11) – Plano Police are asking for the public’s help after someone stole a high schooler’s laptop at McDonald’s on Custer and 15th St.

Surveillance video captured the crime, the suspect and a badge he was wearing.

screen shot 2018 01 08 at 4 18 05 pm Teens Laptop Stolen From Plano McDonalds; Suspect On Camera

Plano laptop theft suspect (surveillance)

When 16-year-old Zach Bush forgot his backpack at McDonald’s, surveillance cameras caught a suspect glancing around, sitting down and scooping it up.

Inside the backpack – books, a calculator, assignments and a new laptop. It cost around $1,000 and was a Christmas gift from his parents.

“We told him, this is your main present,” says his mom Kim Bush. “He was fine with that because he knew it was expensive and a stretch for us. It was very disappointing and disheartening.”

It happened last Friday during lunch. It was the first day Zach brought it to school.

Zach says the laptop was supposed to last him through high school and college.

Without it, he says keeping up in class is a struggle.

“It’s just not good for my grades right now to not have all my papers – to have to get new textbooks.. I feel unprepared for class. It’s not a good feeling to show up to school without all your stuff,” says Zach.

Kim hopes someone recognizes the suspect’s face and his badge.

“I still believe in the kindness of people. I’m hoping someone will recognize the person, and, fingers crossed, we might get it back.”

The manager of McDonald’s says the suspect in the video is not one of his employees.