GRANBURY, Texas (CBS11) — The Hood County Sheriff’s Department says a pregnant woman was attacked by a masked suspect on her door step.

It happened early Monday morning on the 5400 block of Lakeview in the Arrowhead Shores area.

Authorities say the woman answered a knock on the door only to be hit and cut several times by an unknown masked man.

Investigators say the woman was able to fight off the attacker by smashing a vase on his head and letting her dog loose on him who in turn bit the suspect.

The victim’s husband, Stephen Carey, was said to have just left for work when the attack happened.

“This was pretty terrifying for her,” said Carey. “Guys comes running in with a knife breaking into our house at 5 am in the morning it was pretty bad.”

The woman was checked out a local hospital.

She and her unborn baby are said to have not received any serious injuries.

Hood County Sheriff’s investigators say they are looking into whether this case could be linked to a similar attack that took place in Burleson last week.

The suspect who got away was said to be about six feet tall with a tribal tattoo, and was wearing a brown pillowcase over his head.