ARLINGTON, Texas (CBS11) – Garage sales are a great weekend tradition, but in Arlington, some feel they have gotten out of hand.

Now the city is considering stepping in to regulate them.

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“The garage sale ordinance came from citizens coming forward in which their neighborhood rights had really been infringed upon,” said Mayor Jeff Williams. “People were operating business out of their homes. They were not garage sales.”

Neighbors started complaining in the fall when they began seeing what seemed to be unending garage sales and increased traffic in their neighborhoods.

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The City of Arlington says it doesn’t want to keep real garage sales from taking place, but it does want to stop what essentially are unlicensed stores operating out of homes.

The city is now considering an ordinance that would restrict an individual homeowner to no more than three sales in 12 months.

The garage sale couldn’t last more than three consecutive days, and the hours would be restricted from 7:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. People will also have to request an online, free permit.

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The Arlington City Council didn’t vote on the ordinance Tuesday, but is expected to later this month.