BATON ROUGE, LA (CBSDFW.COM) – Dogs featured in an alleged cruelty video are safe and back with their owners according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office (EBRSO).

The hard-to-watch video began circulating on social media this past week showing – what appears to be – a young man grabbing and throwing two dogs onto a paved parking lot while another person films the alleged cruelty.

In the video, there appears to be a leash that connects the two dogs together. The man then swings the dogs in a circle launching them several yards in the air and onto the hard surface. The dogs land and yelp then run out of the street.

While the pups are now safe and back at home, authorities are still working to identify suspects in the case.

EBRSO released a statement on their Facebook page titled “Doggies Found Safe” and asked for help. “Many of you may have seen the horrible video that is circulating of two dogs being thrown by a young man,” read the post on Monday. “We are happy to say that deputies and animal control canvassed the area in which we believe the video was filmed and found the dogs,” the post continued. “They are with their owners and happy and healthy!”

According to EBRSO their office is working with the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office “to identify and charge those involved in the video.” They are asking anyone with information to call 225-389-5000.

According to WAFB-TV, a student from Plaquemine High School in Plaquemine, LA shared the video on social media but school officials say that the alleged perpetrators seen and heard in the video are not students there.

On Monday morning, the school posted a statement on Twitter that said, “The local law enforcement agencies have confirmed that the person committing and/or filming the act posted in a viral video is not a student of Plaquemine High School or a student in the Iberville Parish School System.”

The Louisiana SPCA also issued a statement Monday morning on Twitter that read, “We’ve seen this terrible video and there are various reports on Twitter about police action already being taken.” The statement continued, “Since this is outside of our Humane Law & Rescue jurisdiction we’re working hard to see if we can get an accurate update for you from the entity handling this case.”