DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) – Cowboys assistant director of player personnel, Will McClay, will remain in Dallas for at least another season.

McClay confirmed to 105.3 The Fan’s Mike Fisher Wednesday that he was staying.

The Cowboys executive had been connected to the Houston Texans general manager opening, however, he ultimately declined Houston’s request for an interview.

When talking about McClay on Monday with the Ben and Skin Show on 105.3 The Fan, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones expressed optimism that he would return.

“I just know Will has done a great job for us here. We think the world of him. … I’m assuming that Will’s going to be here until I know something different,” Jones said. “All indications are to me that he’s wanting to remain here with the Cowboys.”

Jones was then asked, besides a change in his job title, what would be the difference in McClay’s role in Dallas and a role in another organization as a general manager?

“I think everybody has to look at it in their own way. I’ve seen people do it a lot of different ways,” Jones said. “There’s some people who want to keep checking boxes, and there’s other people who look at the big picture and the big scheme of things and look at it over a long period of time. As you see around the league, there’s people for whatever the reason stay put in a place even though they’re getting offered a chance to move up, and they’re very comfortable where they are and have a situation they’re comfortable with, and there’s others that are willing to make a jump and want to move to be the GM. Every situation’s different. We obviously feel great that we have Will here. We think the world of him, and all indications that I can see are that he’s going to be here.”