NORTH TEXAS (CBS11) – The snow flurries that fell in North Texas quickly melted away, but the bitterly cold temperatures and strong winds lasted well into the night on Thursday.

The Arlington Life Shelter opened its doors shortly before the sun set.

Workers and volunteers welcomed families and all sorts of folks who needed relief from the near-freezing temperatures.

They were welcomed with a warm meal and a bed to stay in for the night.

Kaylee Behrens, who currently is living out of her car, did not think she could handle the chilly night in her vehicle.

It was her first time in a shelter.

“I kind of was like down on my luck and the only reason I wasn’t coming to a shelter was because my pride was getting in the way. I was like. ‘I’m not going to do it, I’m not going to do it.’ But I was like I need to and I’m really glad I did,” said Behrens.

Over in Downtown Dallas, very few people braved the cold night.

Many were either trying to get home from work or taking their furry friends for a walk.

“One minute everybody it outside in sweaters, light sweaters and all of a sudden now you got another front coming in just after what happened New Year’s Eve. So it’s confusing right now,” said Tacorrie Johnson as he walked his dog in downtown Dallas.

Several more evenings in DFW are expected to dip down near-freezing temperatures.