By Steve Pickett

DALLAS (CBS11) – Nahela Morales knew she would stand out in the crowd that lined the north and south sides of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

She had wrapped her head and face in a traditional Islamic hijab scarf, designed in the style and colors of the U.S. flag. She brought her son to the annual parade that commemorates the life and legacy of American Martin Luther King, Jr.

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“I’m Mexican, but raised here. My son was born here. I’m a Muslim and a woman. I celebrate Dr. King, but it’s very disappointing. I would say it’s disgusting and shameful the times we are living today. I think Dr. King, along with Malcolm X and great leaders would be very disappointed,” Morales said while paying homage to the civil rights leader.  

MLK Parade in Dallas (CBS11)

The Dallas MLK Parade is part of three-day series of faith based and community activism events.  During the period, parade attendees assess the mission and goals of Dr. King’s historic work to eliminate U.S. sanctioned racial discrimination in public accommodations, voting and education.

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King led the civil protest campaigns against local laws that mandated “separate but equal” guidelines against African Americans.  

But Morales and others were critical of President Donald Trump and his words and actions regarding race, illegal-immigration, and the fate of Confederate symbols.  

“With our President, it makes it harder to think we aren’t segregated,” Lauren Bialas, visiting from Chicago said while touring Downtown Dallas.

Nichele Helaire, a Cedar Hill Resident attending the parade, looked along the parade route, seeing racial and ethnic representatives in government leadership roles, top law enforcement officials and local business executives.  She brought her children to the event, and offered a different assessment of Dr. King’s legacy.

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“There are still challenges, but in order for me to have the possibilities for me, and the possibilities for my kids today, I say Dr. King made his mark,”