ALEDO, Texas (CBS11)  – On this, the nine-year anniversary of the “Miracle on The Hudson,” the day US Airways flight 1549 landed in the Hudson river with 155 people on board, a North Texas woman is reflecting on the experience that changed her life.

US Airways Flight 1549 crashes in Hudson River. Rescue crews surround the US Airways plane where passengers can be seen being rescued on Hudson River. Airbus A320-214 flying this route struck a flock of Canada Geese during its initial takeoff, lost engine power and landed in the Hudson River off Midtown Manhattan.(Photo By: John Roca/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

Karin Rooney and her then-boyfriend Chris were visiting New York City for a fun few days to see friends and work on their personal relationship with one another.

Karin Rooney (CBS11)

“Although we never said it was kind of a big trip with regards to figuring out where we were going,” said Rooney.

Soon after they took off from LaGuardia Airport the plane suffered a devastating bird strike.

Rooney remembered that moment saying, “The plane shook. I looked at Chris and I just knew something was wrong.”

All 155 people on board survived and it was that event that brought Rooney and her now husband Chris together.

The two married and live in Aledo now with their three children.

Rooney event wrote a book called, “Sink or Swim” about her ordeal.

While people like Karin and Chris have had their lives changed by the event aviation experts in Dallas are hoping it never happens to any other air travelers again.

Chris Perry from Dallas Love Field says they recorded 180 strikes at the airport in 2017.

He says the city has now purchased a $1.7 million infrared radar to help detect obstruction in the air space and detect it within a five-mile radius.

Perry added, “Just what we’re doing behind the scenes to try and help with safety and convenience around here at Love Field.”