NORTH TEXAS (CBS11) – It was an icy and bitterly cold day southwest of the DFW Metroplex throughout Navarro County.

Snow began to fall Tuesday morning in Corsicana as temperatures plunged into the 20s.

Hours before, rain poured down and caused many of the roads to freeze.

clearing icy roads in Navarro County (Jeff Paul – CBS11)

“Don’t come out here,” said Beth Cox. “If you don’t have to get out, do not get out. It’s just terrible. Oh my God, it’s freezing out here.”

Cox did not have a choice on being out on the roads. She had to work Tuesday morning.

“This one is bad because I just can’t seem to stay warm,” said Cox as she huddled from the cold while pumping gas on her way into work. “For some reason it’s just like, gripping. It’s awful.”

Navarro County closed a few bridges in an attempt to prevent wrecks and spin-outs.

The precautions were not enough.

A semi-truck jackknifed along I-45 and caused backups stretching several miles long.

All schools were canceled including Navarro College.

“It’s pretty empty, ghost town,” said Will Shepherd. “Usually there’s cars everywhere.”

TxDOT crews could be seen driving all over the county deicing and scraping ice-covered roads.