DALLAS (CBSDFW) – According to a new study, Buc-ee’s is the best gas station in the United States.

Gas Buddy, a tech company based in Boston, Massachusetts, compiled the findings by examining millions of customer ratings and reviews on their app over the last year.

The study says the Texas-based company took the top spot in every single category, including best coffee, customer service, cleanliness, outdoor lighting and restrooms.

The mega-station has 33 locations in the U.S. and just recently announced plans to expand into Florida in 2019.

Other gas stations that cracked the list include Kelley’s Market, KWIK Trip, QuikTrip, Wawa, Hy-Vee, Quickchek, Sheetz, Parkers, and Noco Express.

Gas Buddy says only gas stations with at least 30 locations were considered for the survey.