DALLAS (CBS11) – Two people may have frozen to death in Dallas due to extreme cold Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.

A woman’s body was discovered inside an enclosed bus stop just before 8:00 a.m. Wednesday at the intersection of S. Malcolm X Blvd. and Peabody.

body found during freezing weather in Dallas (CBS11)

Dallas saw its coldest temperature in seven years Wednesday morning. 

“(She) froze to death,” said Brian Auzzene. “You could see it in her face. Her face was real blue.”

Auzzene called 911 when he saw the woman’s empty wheel chair. He says she was known to frequent South Dallas and has been seen there during the last few days.

Over by Fair Park, a man’s body was found around noon at South Harwood and MLK Blvd. Autopsies are being on both to confirm if the cold killed them.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear about stories where people are dying on the street in a city that’s filled with buildings that are warm and heated over night with nobody in them,” said Reverend Rachel Bachman of Oak Lawn Methodist Church in Dallas.

In the last few weeks, Oak Lawn Methodist Church decided to turn its dining hall into a place where anyone trying to get away from the cold could spend a warm night.

Brian Stotz will be spending his second night in the church and urges those who brave the cold to come inside.

“For some, they have too much pride, and they don’t want to come to a place like this,” said Stotz.

People who come through the door are offered dinner and breakfast. Staying at the church is free, and there are no restrictions.