By Ken Molestina

FORT WORTH (CBS11) – A Fort Worth pawn shop owner says he is on a mission to reunite a diamond ring with its rightful owner.

Michael Meyer of Purple Heart Pawn and Gun in Fort Worth says a man walked in to the store on Tuesday trying to sell a heart-shaped diamond ring.

stolen ring still Pawn Shop Buys Diamond Ring Hoping To Return It To Rightful Owner

heart-shaped diamond ring (CBS11)

Meyer told CBS11 he gave it a closer look and estimated it to be between two and three karats and worth around $20,000.

He said the man only asked for $100.

“This immediately raised a red flag, and I was like ‘holy crap this is not right this is probably stolen’… then I had the thought bounce around in my head how about I buy this for $100 and try and find the original owner,” said Meyer.

Meyer says he didn’t call police because he couldn’t prove it was stolen.

Instead, he took his hunch on to Facebook making a video and publishing it to the public asking them to help him find the owner.

The only clue he has comes from a second item that same man tried to sell.

He says the man also tried getting money for a set of ear pods that once Meyer synched to his smart phone showed the name, “Lacy.”

Meyer didn’t buy the ear pods fearing they too were stolen, but says maybe the two items belonged to the same person.

“I’m looking for most likely a Lacey in the DFW area that’s missing this ring so if we can make this go viral hopefully we can get it back to her,” said Meyer.

Meyer said he will only give the ring back if someone can show a proof of purchase and documentation detailing the specifications of the ring.